Machine components
for the manufacture of speciality papers and non-wovens

PAMA head

- advanced headbox systems
  • high turbulence headboxes, with lamella technology among others
  • rectifier roll-type headboxes
  • inlet parts of cylinder vat units
  • inclined wire headboxes
  • lath headboxes

customer-specific calculated and designed

PAMA top

- practice-proven former concept
  • Improvement of formation
  • Reduction of two-sidedness
  • Increase of dewatering capacity of the complete wire section

PAMA load

- tailor-made press sections
  • Combi presses
  • Straight through presses
  • Jumbo presses
  • Shoe presses
  • Embossing presses

PAMA film

- film press metering units based on diffuser technology
  • Compact design, easy to use
  • Easy and quick access for cleaning purpose
  • Very even film due to patenteed nozzle application system
  • Process stability, high avaibility

PAMA blade

- coater unit based on diffuser technology
  • Short dwell concepts for bent blade operation
  • Adjustment of variable web widths
  • Uncoated edges
  • Patented nozzle application system

PAMA guide

- rope-free threading systems supported by air and vacuum
  • Installed across the groups
  • Individual adaptation due to modular design
  • Modification of existing threading systems using existing parts

PAMA reel

- process reliable winding
  • Proven and robust design
  • Exact synchronuous run of the auxiliary arms
  • Low maintenance design
  • Possible change of lubrication with minimal effort

Speciality paper machines
PAMA as partner for the manufacture of complete plants

  • Inclined wire machines
  • Cylinder vat machines
  • Transformer board machines
  • Pilot machines 

For laboratory machines please contact our partner Pill Na√üvliestechnik GmbH 

Equipment for web-type production processes

Transfer of the papermaking know-how to the manufacturing process of web-type products

Contact us directly, when it comes to questions about special solutions